5 thoughts on “Low Chassis For All Truck v1.0

  1. I+have+been+waiting+so+long+for+this!+Thank+you+very+much!

  2. Nice. Can you make a mod so it stetches the chassis out? So if the driver wants to ride low and long they can? That would be awesome! Thanks.

  3. Shadows are bad, and the paintjobs are not displaying…

  4. the paint jobs on the w900 are not displaying but thay work on the t680 and the p579 can you fix this verry good mod but thank you

  5. swiftrans

    the front of the truck is dropped and the rear is still the same in my game and it looks ###### to the point i have to get bigger front tires 315/80 and smalls in the back 295/60

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