Longer Yellow Lights


Increases the length of time that a yellow light lasts at a traffic signal from 2 seconds to 4 and a half seconds. I felt that the default 2 seconds was too short, if you have a heavy load it can be difficult to stop before the light changes red, causing you to receive a fine. In real life, yellow lights can range from 3 seconds to 6 seconds, so 4.5 seems like a good middle ground.

Tested on 1.0.0s, but it should work on future versions too.

Author: Ogg_Vorbis


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3 thoughts on “Longer Yellow Lights

  1. Awesome mod, but can you also make a longer green light mod. That would be awesome. Cause I have a more traffic mod, so cars will never end up turning left until the light turns red. This causes cars to wait long in order to go straight and only a few actually end up going straight before the light turns red. This of course builds a ton of traffic.

  2. Great mod but i have same issues as DOM_11

  3. Пожалуйста! Сделайте такой же мод и для ETS 2 версий 1.22х и выше! Только чтобы работал мод на ВСЕХ КАРТАХ И ИМЕЛ СОВМЕСТИМОСТЬ С МОДАМИ НА ТРАФФИК ОТ JAZZYCAT! СПАСИБО – ОТ ВСЕЙ ДУШИ!

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