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Longer Yellow Lights

Date 2016-04-11 19:57


Updated to support the protected left turn signals included in patch 1.2.

Increases the length of time that a yellow light lasts at a traffic signal from 2 seconds to 4 and a half seconds. I felt that the default 2 seconds was too short, if you have a heavy load it can be difficult to stop before the light changes red, causing you to receive a fine. In real life, yellow lights can range from 3 seconds to 6 seconds, so 4.5 seems like a good middle ground.

Tested on 1.2, but it should work on future versions too.



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7 Responses to Longer Yellow Lights

  1. Mike

    oh yeah, this mod have saved me from several redlight tickets, awesome, big thanks !

  2. ken howard

    Why is there no SCS file inside this download???

  3. W M

    Thanks for your effort on this.

    + Same here. No SCS file so I won’t install. I like the older version and the longer delay for the yellow light. If you could please create a SCS file for this version.


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