Longer Trains for ATS 1.29

Version 2.1 for 1.29
Mod works again. :D
Thanks to AlexexyP for locomotive fix.
Changed SCS cargo train lenght from 20 to 40 cars.
ADDED long train with 2-3 locomotives and cars from 40 up to 60 with contrainers or trailers.
traffic_veghice_type, traffic_trailer_type, traffic_lane and traffic_rules WAS NOT USED

Piva, AlexeyP

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7 thoughts on “Longer Trains for ATS 1.29

  1. jorgent97

    Hd video 1.29….

  2. Hd video 1.29

  3. Kermit Meister

    Just what I was looking for thank Piva, and AlexexyP

  4. Valeu estava procurando isso a um tempo.

  5. Yay! Been waiting for this to update!

  6. i still see that lonely loco passing sometimes in city area, oh and when the long moded train’s last wagon was about to pass the whole train disappears

  7. Mr Johnson

    Love the mod as it brings realism for sure. Wondering if you still do updates for this mod? I have found a spot ( possible are more ) that your mod doesn’t show. The 1 loco as stated in a previous comment passes by. If you make updates, the location is here…. Flagstaff, AZ @ the intersection where US89 crosses over to I40.

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