Loading Screen for ATS

This modification replaces the standard loading screens.
Adds new pictures of famous American trucks and showplace USA.

!!! It is strictly forbidden to change the original link for downloading the mod !!!
!!! It is forbidden to upload mod on other sites without permission of the author !!!
!!! Respect my work !!!
[Original link from Sharemods.com]

The work is protected by copyright, the Creative Commons community, and Share Alike license.

You can share this mod with friends by giving them an original download link.


DOWNLOAD 28 MB [Sharemods]
DOWNLOAD 28 MB [Modsfire]

3 thoughts on “Loading Screen for ATS

  1. Good job! But I use another loading screen mod! I do not know if the 2 can be compatible!

  2. glen canale

    How do you change the loading screen?

  3. yes How do you change the loading screen?

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