(LIVE) Radio police/fire/ems/ham….. no music stations


(just doing a reupload due to another site and needing to put my dropbox link in description because its been shared on sharemods by the other site and nobody would get updated file on sharemods)

just in case anybody would be interested

here i have made a live radio list sii file, some can be a little silent (less busy than others), has fire/police/ems/marine/ham radios from AZ, CA,CT, IL, MI, NM, NV, OK, OR, PA, UT, WA, WI.

i use the same dropbox link to update the file (redownload every few days or whenever to check if im updating as i will add to my notices if i am)

The ONLY upload i have done recently is from my dropbox where the link ALWAYS remains the same which is this https://www.dropbox.com/s/jaq60dvnk1pcvrq/live_streams.sii?dl=0 (DO NOT DOWNLOAD FROM OTHER LINKS OTHERWISE YOU WILL NOT GET UPDATES OR NOTICES TO SEE IF STREAMS ARE UP/DOWN OR IF IM ADDING STREAMS)



sort by genre so my notices goes on top

it has the following

Flagstaff Fire/EMS (AZ)

Holbrook Fire/EMS—- (AZ)

Phoenix Police—- (AZ)

Eureka Fire/Police/EMS—- (CA)

Burbank/Glendale Police/Fire/LAPD Dispatch—– (CA)

Los Angeles Police/Fire—– (CA)

Oxnard Police—– (CA)

Sacramento Sheriff/City Police—– (CA)

Stockton Police/Fire/EMS—– (CA)

Lee County IA Police/Fire/EMS/Marine/HAM—– (IA)

Alamogordo Sheriff/Fire/EMS—– (NM)

Reno and Sparks Police/Fire—– (NV)

Portland Police/Sheriff Dispatch—– (OR)

Aberdeen Police/Fire—– (WA)

Bellingham Sheriff/Police/Highway Patrol—– (WA)

Austin TX Amateur Repeaters—– (HAM)

Amateur Radio Repeater VHF 146.655—– (HAM)

Dallas TX Area Amateur Radio—– (HAM)

WW7PSR 146.960 MHz PSRG Repeater—– (HAM)

WIN System Amateur Repeater Network—– (HAM)

Lee County IA Police/Fire/EMS/Marine/HAM (IA)

Zion/North Chicago IL Police (IL)

Sangamon County IL Sheriff/Police/State Police (IL)

Detroit Fire Department (MI)

Ingham County MI Sheriff/Police (MI)

Ingham County MI Fire/EMS (MI)

Sheriff/Fire/EMS (NM Alamogordo)

Reno and Sparks Police/Fire (NV)

Jackson County OK Police/Fire/EMS (OK)

Portland Police/Sheriff Dispatch (OR)

Philadelphia Police (PA)

Washington County UT Sheriff/Police/Fire (UT)

Sevier County Police/Fire/EMS (UT)

Beaver County Sheriff/EMS (UT)

Aberdeen Police/Fire (WA)

Bellingham Sheriff/Police/Highway Patrol (WA)

Milwaukee County Law Enforcement (WI)

Milwaukee County Fire (WI)

put the live_streams.sii file in DocumentsAmerican Truck Simulator (back up your sii file incase you want the original stations back)

(i cannot control whats up and what isnt)



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One thought on “(LIVE) Radio police/fire/ems/ham….. no music stations

  1. This works very well. Some stations / frequencies have more conversations and others less. If you’re going to use it, keep that in mind. Sometimes a station can stay for a long time without anyone talking. At other times there will be many conversations in that same station.

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