5 thoughts on “Lights in Cabin

  1. Would it be possible to add the modmanager info : manifest.ssi, mod_description.txt and nameitwhatyouwant.jpg?
    That way there is no error about it in log about missing information

    1. Todor Alin

      If I add this for mod manager, will not work in the futures versions.

      1. Lol no, you got it all wrong. Manifest files won’t do that unless you know how to add them. Don’t add the text line regarding game version (delete it) and everything it’s going to be fine.

  2. zia azemira

    nice mod,but the Lights reflect on the mirrors :(
    please can you fix it?
    thank you

  3. DieselHolic

    okay, so what if in the future we have beacons?… then they key will turn the beacons and the lights on together? good and bad thing is guess.

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