7 thoughts on “Left Mirror in GPS for Argosy Truck

  1. Are you serious?

    You just created a mod that can change EVERYTHING in ETS2/ATS world!

    Just adapt this mod to all trucks in ETS2/ATS with right mirror option and you will gain the mod of the year award!

  2. Yes – serious for Argosy.

  3. Fantastic mod. Please make this for all default trucks and as many moded trucks you can think of in ATS and ETS2. I have no use for that default GPS in all trucks including ETS2. Why has this not been done before? You would be a hero Piva!!!

    1. You can use this mod on all trucks.

  4. Hello,would you like to make another vision for right mirror? Then i don’t need to press [F2]. Anyway,great mod.thx^^

    1. Right mirror on defaut truck have problem. I’m sorry nu not.

  5. That is pretty ######!! where does the GPS appear now? #####!

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