LDI Trucking Services Skin

LDI-Trucking-Services-2 LDI-Trucking-Services-1

LDI Trucking Services is an asset-based transportation company that specializes in general commodity, non-perishable dry van freight.Based in Pomona,Los Angeles County, California

Author: Fidiuss


6 thoughts on “LDI Trucking Services Skin

  1. Thanks, I love the green choice with this truck! Is the real truck green too?

      1. ok thanks! was just curious. :) I got myself a copy downloaded!

  2. When you get the chance can you do some company skins for the freightliner classicXL like F.T.I ,BUTLER TRANSPORT, whatever you come up with would be cool. And thanks again for all these cool skins!!!!!!

    1. if i can get the template Andre for the XL then yeh no problem …leave it with me mate

    2. here you go mate hope its ok let me know otherwise :)


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