Large Blue PVC Tubes Trailer

PVC-Tubes-Trailer-1 PVC-Tubes-Trailer-2 PVC-Tubes-Trailer-3

– Tested and
– Standalone
– Compatible with all trailer packs

These Large PVC tubes are used in replacing metal or iron tubes for transporting water to home’s or other things. Because of low cost, corrosion resistance, flexibility to negotiate curves during piping, long life. If PVC pipes were not exposed to sun radiation, then they are superior to steel pipes in corrosion resistance, lower cost, ease of installation and joining. Joining may be done without thread cutting.

* Do not re-upload and keep original download link *

– Zetor165Maxterra


4 thoughts on “Large Blue PVC Tubes Trailer

  1. great trailer zetor….

  2. Love this trailer but for some reason the rims and tires are showing up in red meaning they are broken. Is there a order this must go in on the mod sheet ?

    1. try the game with only this mod in your folder and see if its working if it is then it might be one of your other mods perhaps thats causing the error…i installed this and had no issues it was tested on all versions of the game with no errors …the screenshots are taken from my truck pulling the trailer on request of Zetor165Maxterra ..he might be able to help you further so wait for his reply :)

  3. is there any chance of this trailer being bought up to the current version of 1.31.2 as its a great trailer and used it quit alot when it first came out .Thanks

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