Kraz 260 – 6446 / 64431

The KrAZ 260 ported to ATS.

All credit go to the people who made the ETS2 versions:
Никон Олейниченко, Антон Аронсон, il_86, vovangt4, The Pain, Phantom94

There are two versions:
-6×4: KrAZ 260 – 64431
-6×6: KrAZ 260 – 6446
The 6×6 version is not very practical because the 5th wheel is too high for
most trailers.

If you want to keep up with American interstate traffic then you will have to
pick the correct engine and gearbox combination. The default YMZ v8 turbo diesel
with the 8 or 10 speed gearbox only reaches 55mph when driving downhill with a tailwind :-).

Why port an old russian truck to ATS: because I’m desperately looking for new content
in ATS and this way I can drive some miles in something completely different.

Никон Олейниченко, Антон Аронсон, il_86, vovangt4, The Pain, Phantom94


16 thoughts on “Kraz 260 – 6446 / 64431

  1. KontiovaaranJuhani


    1. odd_fellow

      Well, don’t download it then.

    2. Coma White

      STFU kid.

      Go do your homework already.

      1. This is a Ukrainian truck. Not Russian!!!

  2. i do , i love it

  3. Thank you

  4. KontiovaaranJuhani

    In ATS I am using only an American truck mods, But in ETS2 I use an european and Russian trucks.

    1. The Evil Gregor

      “####”? Oh, seriously? Can you make your speech more correct? You know what, just go to do your homework )))

  5. The Evil Gregor

    Maybe this mod is excess for this game? He is very very great, but why here? America not so appropriate place. p.s. so where is the Cabin DLC?

  6. another euro #### , please leave ats to american mods …thanks

  7. Serena Lexington

    Many ###### pathetic ###### comments…
    The only thing I would complain aébout would be all the indications in Russian, very few people exept Russian people understand them, maybe you could think about translation in English before releasing … otherwise than that, nice truck, good work thank you

    1. Coalrollerlbz

      cant agree more..IF YOU DONT LIKE THIS MOD THEN DONT DOWNLOAD..see how fkn easy that was you dried up dicksnots…but on the level, I’m always looking for new mods and new content..maybe these small minded douchebags are happy with the same tedious material but I’m not..

  8. Thanks Man Glad to see Spintires Truck on here.

  9. Hd test…

  10. thanks! only need a good physics mod fot this baby and roll on!

  11. cant attach this truck is too high for trailer and dont see the 6×4 chasis in shop… help!
    but is a beatiful truck :)

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