Knight Transportation Trailer


This Mod is currently working on ATS 1.3.1
I shall keep this Trailer Mod updated for continuous use.

Information on “How To Use” this Mod, will be within the Download File.

If I see this Mod uploaded to any other Website, I shall remove access and make my next release of “IRL Company Trailers” Private.

Kyoti & SCS Software

DOWNLOAD 0.6 MB [Mirror]

5 thoughts on “Knight Transportation Trailer

  1. Great+job+on+the+Night+Transport+trailer+my+friend+do+you+have+other+American+company+trailers+sir?++Thank+you+for+this+one

  2. It needs to be updated to 1.4 though

  3. Doesn’t work in 1,4 so what’s the @#$@#$@#$@# use? #SMDH

  4. It’s just a skin …..

  5. can you make the this skin for a wabash trailer with skirts please?

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