Knight Transportation Skin

Knight-Transportation-2 Knight-Transportation-1 Knight-Transportation-3

Knight Transportation is a publicly traded Phoenix, Arizona, based American truckload motor shipping carrier, founded in 1990 by four cousins

Truck used is the W900 and should work on all versions….

Author: Fid


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4 thoughts on “Knight Transportation Skin

  1. Looks great man!

    1. thanks Dave…i think the logo could have been better though was a bit of a rush job ….im working on a knight refrigeration skin atm for a request so ill do a better job on that :)

  2. Hey that’s another good one for the combo file which is already requested not by me.!!! I saw your old site was down-upload file holder too-small?haha or a reorganization of skinners input referrals for the future? keep em comming at your pace of course?

    1. well spotted James … the old site was hosted by some grave robbers :) and thus they screwed me over and i bid them farewell :)

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