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Klaas’ Police Mod V1.0.0

Date 2016-02-28 19:04


All right reserved to Klaas . Please do not repost this mod.
Contact: [email protected]
Experimental mod, please save your profile or use a new profile.
Use contact adress for bugs or any suggestions.

– Police frequency reduced to 0.4 in California
– Police frequency reduced to 0.3 in Nevada
– Speed Ticket delay raised to 9 seconds of real time (same as official version)
– Speed Ticket probability reduced to 0.5
– Police car will not give you doubled fine.
– Tickets probability have been changed (lower probability when a cop car isn’t near you )
– You will not get a ticket for avoid sleeping, wrong way and not lights during night only if a cop car is near you.



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2 Responses to Klaas’ Police Mod V1.0.0

  1. Will this conflict with the Economy mod as they both alter Police states?

    • If you use my Economy mod you don’t have to use this, as this mod is a part from Economy Mod.
      I made it for those who don’t want to change their income or anything else.

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