Kenworth Wheels Pack


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Kenworth Wheels Pack

Tested on: ATS 1.5.x.
Standalone, don’t reemplace.
Fixed & upgraded.




7 thoughts on “Kenworth Wheels Pack

  1. Please tell me where I can find Ken К100 for the current version of the game(1.5)
    (preferably the download link).

    1. CyrusTheVirus

      That k100 will be released soon

      1. Excellent. I’ll be waiting. Success in your work.

  2. Thanks a lot for having your damned file on a site that tries to steal your passwords. It kept asking me to install an extension to proceed to download. No freaking way. Chrome is now screwed up and won’t open securely. I will never download any of your #### again. A-hole!!!!

  3. #### it. Chrome is still messed up. Can’t get into my emails. Thank goodness I can use Firefox. Why are you using that #### site, UploadOcean? It is the site that tried to install an extension on my computer.

    Just a warning to anyone else trying to download this file. If you are directed to the UploadOcean site, get out of it immediately. Don’t try to download anything. It will only screw up you browser and try to steal your information. What a bunch of bullshit.

  4. Ok, I’ve gotten Chrome to work again. Let me say, I’m sure this had nothing to do with Cyrusthevirus. I wish it was possible to delete my other comments, but, that option is not available. After contacting support at UploadOcean, it’s clear they have no idea either what went wrong. The fix I figured out for myself.

    All I can say is, if you are directed to their site to download, click the download button only at your own risk. Personally, I will never download anything from their site again.

    1. You do realize there this little line right below the download button with a check box next to it…
      “Download Using Our Secure Download Manager”
      Uncheck it and there will be no problems. As well, get ad block. That helps.

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