Kenworth W900L -Big Bob 3.6 – Magnum Edition

Version 3.6 for ATS 1.40+
Fixed, Updated, Upgraded by Kenworth_John 2021.

This last version replaces and contains all former existing versions / fixes / upgrades:
Original mod: Version 3.4 by Big Bob and many others, last edited by vasja555
Patch to 1.40 by Giovanni Battiston
Patch to 1.40 Rev. A by kenworth_john
Patch to 1.40 Rev. B by kenworth_john
Version 3.5.1 with Cat C-16 by kenworth_john
Version 3.5.2 with Detroit Diesel dd16 DDEC

Changes in 3.6:
– minor changes to the original mod, mainly just fixes of some errors
– added missing files, textures, materials, icons
– added some eaton transmissions and differential ratios
– added some cummins-isx15 engines, tuned w real life specs, “magnum tuning”
– added mx-13 reworked, sound reworked
– added warning lights for truck
– fixed/adapted interior lights, blue, red, white,
green, pink, orange, purple. choose in beacons and turn on/off with “o” (beacons)
Backside of cabin is not configured properly. So some lights go through.
Choose a rack to hide this effect.
– fixed second front mirrors, updated mirror view
– updated physics of warning/oversize flags, fixed oversize load signs
– added different SCS in-game paintjobs
– added some pipes for the truck
– again: finally fixed some sounds, wipers, windows, and so on

For the lovers of the SCS ATS Forrest Machinery DLC:
– added headache racks from SCS forrester DLC + toyhang ‘chainsaw’ w physics

– The headache racks were made by SCS and part of the forrester DLC (buy it!).
The DLC does not connect with this truck mod. Therefore I added the parts.
– The warning lights werde made by SCS and also part of the game.
– I used sounds which were part of this mod or added by someone else.
The added engines/transmissions were made by me.

Real life based, adapted to game, careful tested torque curves for best experience.

Pro tip: Choose ISX-15 Magnum/v2 w Eaton 13+1-speed w ret. in 4.10 diff.ratio.
try ‘shifting’ and ‘automatic’ with ‘adaptive automatic disabled’, what u like best.

–Transmission and engine mods will not work on this mod! tried to fix, but it was not possible.–

— Be sure to unlock sufficient ATS levels to get all the added items! —
— All brands and trademarks that appear in this mod are property of their respective owners. —
— This mod was free for me and will be free for everyone. —

Check it out and have fun!

kenworth_john, big bob


6 thoughts on “Kenworth W900L -Big Bob 3.6 – Magnum Edition

  1. Diehard Trucker
  2. this is a piece of #### first the file size is 1.5giga its this a joke? and second crashes the game in kw dealer.dont recomend fake mod

  3. the file size results of the fact, that the origin mod was made crappy and so many/all necessary parts/files needed to be integrated directly to the mod, to get it work properly. this mod does -not- use any parts provided by the game itsself.

    since the W900L is a very nice truck, i think that’s acceptable. game log without errors, no crashes at all in hours of testing.

  4. only problem is the mirrors are way to dark at night and way to bright.

  5. Add an option to remove Fairings off the back of the sleeper, also add an option to choose what what tank you want regardless of the frame.

  6. crashes once trying to purchase

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