Kenworth W900B Long


Kenworth W900B Long
– Standalone Truck
– Kenworth Dealer
– Interior
– Fixed bugs
– Sounds
– Camera

Tested Game Version

Stas556, Dmitry68, vovangt4

DOWNLOAD 68 MB [Sharemods]
DOWNLOAD 68 MB [Uploadfiles]

15 thoughts on “Kenworth W900B Long

  1. GameplayHD2015

    did you fixed the engine sound bug?

  2. Mr.GermanTruck

    HD Test Video…

    Sound edit… new DL Link in the Description from the Video

  3. nincs motor hang

  4. John Cartwright

    Hi i have done a video showing off this great mod!! please feel free to contact me [email protected] if you would like any changes made to things like the video description etc,,, and also feel free to add the video here if you would like to here is a link to the video thanx very much for this mod:)

  5. still without engine sound here

  6. nicko7044

    Please fix the engine acceleration sound, again :)

  7. i Love this truck, but i miss the engine sound ;(

  8. hey this is a bad truck! im buyed this truck and not sound on driving! siren and engine turning on is work but im driving, no sound…

  9. yes loven :( :( i to love this
    please fix sound!

  10. boozedbat

    There is a sound bug in this that I’ve been unable to fix even with using
    Kritchenbaums sound mod packs.

    At RPM above around 800 engine sounds go null, no sound.

  11. K-whopper

    I took sound from ets2 w900b long n replaced in this ats w900b all sound in rev rang worked n jake to

  12. Hey could you please update the mod to work with current version of ATS?

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