Kenworth W900 “Mad Max”


Choose the last bumper to see all modifications :)

Bêta Mod !!

Trailer and other parts for this truck soon !

Parts aren’t visible at the interior for the moment.

Respect my mod, adaptation on other truck is forbidden



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11 thoughts on “Kenworth W900 “Mad Max”

  1. ###

  2. JonTheVGNerd


  3. What a ####…

  4. 00:00:44.726 : [proto] 0 vtx/ 0 idx, mat /vehicle/truck/upgrade/bumper/kenworth_w900/materials/Color_007.mat – [fx /effect/eut2/dif_spec/eut2.dif.spec.rfx, bias 0] (tx /vehicle/truck/upgrade/bumper/kenworth_w900/textures/Texture.009.tobj – )
    00:00:44.726 : [dx9] setup_pipeline() failed.
    00:00:44.751 : Mipmapping is not supported for npot texture: ‘/vehicle/truck/upgrade/bumper/kenworth_w900/textures/_10.jpg’.
    00:00:44.752 : Mipmapping is not supported for npot texture: ‘/vehicle/truck/upgrade/bumper/kenworth_w900/textures/_10.jpg’.
    00:00:44.770 : [dx9] Index stream cannot be empty.

  5. c’est de la merde

  6. c’est de la merde ton mod change de metier

  7. @American-Express – can you put a swimming pool in the back of the truck? It would be great with such a marvelous plow on the front.

  8. David A King

    For those times when ##### 4 wheelers decide to brake check right in front of you.

  9. Reminds me of Spaceballs… “Comb the desert!!!” ;)

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