Kenworth W900 Long Remix ATS 1.5


Black tinted windows
New style to headlight
Paint jobs
Better interior style

Authors in Haulin: pete379jps, Cerritos. Authors in ETS2: Convert, animation and definition in ETS2 – dmitry68 and Stas556 Sound: Kriechbaum (many thanks for your work!) Air from the maxx2504 Remix: from the style


26 thoughts on “Kenworth W900 Long Remix ATS 1.5

  1. Video with this amazing truck:

    1. It dosen’t work. It dosen’t pop up in the mod dealer! I then went to Pheonix like in the video and it wasn’t there. Please Help!

  2. Love this truck! Everything looks and sound great, only thing that I noticed that didn’t work correctly was the passenger side mirror.

    When adjusting it you need to adjust the small convex mirror to change the normal mirror.
    Also when using the ui mirrors the mirror shows up as a rear view mirror. The mirror works fine in 1st person when you look at it.

    This is one of my favorite trucks and looks awesome pulling oversize trailers. Used it to deliver the huge baobab tree, made parking very tight!

  3. were is the RIGHT MIRROR???? … i can set it!!!
    only i can set on the right is the mirror to see in the back!!
    to bad…. nice truck… but cant play it….

  4. Joe gilbert

    it wont seem to come up is there a special kenworth dealer to go too

  5. anthony turner

    we need more paintjobs for this truck kenworth w900l arl lagcy sleeper

  6. Aventador

    who can make a little bit darker windows (only windows not headlights) for SCS original kenworth w900?

  7. having same issue as joe gilbert. mod put into mod folder. mod activated in-game. doesnt come up at upgrade shop. do we need a long chassis installed in order for this cab to show up at upgrade shops? or is this an entire truck we need to buy at a dealership?

  8. Jimmy,+this+is+a+whole+new+truck,+it+is+not+an+SCS+truck.+You+can+not+have+the+SCS+truck+and+get+the+”Upgrades”+for+it,+you+have+to+buy+a+whole+new+truck.

  9. Great+truck+really+enjoy+driving+it+with+the+3500+hp+engine!!+there+is+the+small+issue+about+the+right+side+mirror+adjustment+but+not+a+big+deal+mirror+is+still+adjustable.+Only+thing+I’d+like+to+see+is+more+exterior+customization+options,+ex.+more+lights,+full+rear+fender+options,+and+solid+storage+box+rear+steps+would+look+awesome+on+this+truck!!+Love+the+Cobra+29+Lx+CB+inside+the+cab.+Great+Job!!

  10. Will+this+mod+be++updated+for+1.6?

  11. how to install these mods? Is there a tutorial I can watch? never at all installed a mod on American Truck Sim

    1. Daniel Harrison

      just put it in ATS/mods folder

      1. and also run it through mod manager on your home screen when you first log on to the game

  12. sebastian

    does it works on 1.28 version?

  13. good

  14. doesn’t+come+up+in+Kenworth+dealer…do+we+have+to+go+to+a+special+one?

  15. Luke Buffalino

    I have no idea how to get the truck I have went to the dealer ship and nothing, yes the truck in activated and still no show if anyone could help me please email me here ([email protected])

    1. Aaron Clanton

      yeah i was able to find it in the truck browser but i was not able to find it in the dealership

  16. sebastian


  17. sebastian

    this is very nice

  18. sebastian

    very nice

  19. bastian cid


  20. bastian cid

    hola muy bueno el trailer …

  21. It dosen’t showup in the dealership for me! Someone please help!
    (Email:[email protected])

  22. Hoovy Co.


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