7 thoughts on “Kenworth W900 Black Ops Skin 2

  1. Please stop spamming this site with your nausiatingly, simplistic ‘stick on’ skins here, they’re all rubbish, at least try to do a proper skin if you’re going to upload it.

    1. killer187

      considering there being downloaded lots i think your the only one that doesnt like them mate if you dont like them dont download them and keep scrolling no one asked you to like them and there not stick on skins mate

    2. killer187

      have you ever done any skinning? i havent seen any to date with your name as the creator. Considering it takes hours of work to create a skin and then create the mod that actually works in game lets see you do better.

      1. richthofen20

        keep at it us skinners have been their, and for the guy saying its a #### mod i agree go and try to make one and then you can talk ####

        1. killer187

          thanks richthofen20

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