Kenworth T908 v 6.1 (1.31 & Up)

Changes in 6.1:
Update for 1.31 +

Changes in 6.0:
– Added icon in GPS “Overspeed”
– Fixed a red background on the clock in the cabin
– Fixed shine visor in the cabin
– Lightweight shadow textures
– Added log file “Physical Salon” (wipers no longer swing separately from the cabin),
– Added new painting colors
– Mirrors fixed (there is no reflection delay when the camera is turned on)
– Reduced figures on the hood (Added new)
– Changed old and added new air filters
– Fixed the glow of lights from the bumper
– DLC support
– New 3D interior
– Baking on new technologies
– New templates for skins
– Huge selection of tuning from the outside
– Animated mud flaps, pedals
– Completely redesigned, improved exterior and interior model, to create new high-quality textures, new 3D parts
– Fixed textures and minor bugs.

– Fully standalone model
– It is registered starting
– Purchase at the Kenworth Motor Show
– 4 cab options
– 4 chassis (4 for right rudders)
– A lot of tuning (external)
– Own interior 3 types (+ right wheel)
– your wheels
– Own sound + new N14 v2.0 and N14c
– Painted in metallic
– Walking Camera

Location files in the mod manager

The test on version 1.32.x works with 1.31 and higher..

Authors: Virat, SCS: – 3D model, Stas556: – envelope, animation, registration, Kriechbaum: – sounds, registration of engines and transmissions, Fire-Blade: – 3ds Max modeling, Robert Bogdanov: -Texting, scanning, Gerald Hardie: – Technical support, Smith: – Assistance in updating and finalizing the model, Mick Brown: – Accessories, Mishanka: – Other registration, Knox: – Dashboard, TV and GPS.


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      install an adblocker and all things right!

  2. Bogdan Gaming18Hd


  3. Bogdan Gaming18Hd

    ATS Kenworth T908 + Big Trailer (43t) Truckee (CA) – Gallup (NM) Pure Sounds.

  4. such a great truck, was gonna download it but when i see the mod is on i just closed it right away.. lol ^ sucks never ending clicked.

  5. fake
    ver. 6.0 from 03.2017, only truck dealer updated, nothing more

  6. Сергей

    Where are the cables and version 6.1 ? .

  7. gabrielle666

    doesnt work on version 1.32 .

  8. doesnt work on version 1.32 .

  9. Dragonman


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