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Kenworth T800

Date 2019-01-20 10:27

With this mod you get:
-The Kenworth T800 truck with appropriate tuning parts. Hood was rebuilt and remodelled to match real truck as closely as possible.
-3 cabs (for now)
-so many chassis options that I won’t even bother with counting them :P
-new, unique, real-life-accurate interiors
-quite a bit of other tuning
-a wide sellection of quality paintjobs

GT-Mike,Cerritos,Alejandro flores,Lalo Alca


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4 Responses to Kenworth T800

  1. Nice truck, but…
    WHY head lights look so poor lighting
    WHY so fee lights slots ??
    WHY interior slots are t correctly positionned?

  2. Nice truck, but…
    WHY so FEW lights slots ??
    WHY interior accessories slots are NOT correctly positionned?

  3. Video here youtu.be/QMG9Ux3bLiU ….

    Nice mod, but you’ve to fix some mistakes :)

  4. GT182/Gary

    Heads up. Check your download for all 3. I tried and there was ransom ware attached to one from the website you are using. Maybe all three have it but I wasn’t about try again.

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