Kenworth T800 2016 Edit v 2.0

– 4 Cabin
– 3 Interiors
– New Cargos for Eager Beaver
– Fixed Dump Trailer

Custom Truck ATS, GT-Mike, Kriechbaum, Zetor165Maxterra, bansheewoj, CamOnly


29 thoughts on “Kenworth T800 2016 Edit v 2.0

  1. Just another one stealing GT-Mike’s work for his project

    1. JesseLype

      Actually he isn’t, if you could read you would see he credited all the right people, and GT-Mike has said on the forum he doesn’t care

      1. If you had half a brain then you would know GT-Mike didn’t give them permission to edit his truck. He wasn’t even done building the mod and I have a feeling it will not be finished bc of this. It’s people like you that modders are no longer making new mods for your people to steal.

  2. Eagle_One_69

    Haven’t used the dump or trailer yet, but the tractor it’s self and all the accessories to add on when customizing it are really nice and work great…thanks!

  3. CattleHauler7

    Very nice rig dude but could you make a template?

  4. Is it available in quick jobs too?

  5. this is awesome. Thanks

  6. Arc Angel

    @wiseguy no this truck does not work in quick jobs.

  7. Bobby Carrizal

    I wish some for Kenworth W900L 2017 EDIT V3.0 needed some bumper and shift knob much more

    Thanks Appreciate it

  8. Don’t understand: I was very excited when I saw this mod, si I downloaded it, activated it, run my game…adn then game crashed…It’sthe only mod I have active…I can customize the truck, I can buy it, but when I drive it…game crashes…

    Has anyone an idea?

  9. doesn’t work for me. I can customize & purcvhase the truck, but when I try to drive it…game crashes
    Only mod I’m running with, doesn’t work :( looked great to me.

    Anyone an idea?

  10. Jasdeep Romana
  11. Video with this amazing truck and trailers:

  12. Looks like a fun truck to drive. Too bad as soon as I spawn in with it, the game crashes. I do have a bunch of mods, but it seems someone is having trouble with only running this mod. Maybe its cuz I dont have the steering wheel DLC?

  13. Dylan spriggs

    When I go to customize it it crashed my game

  14. esta bueno agan uno mejor

  15. WiredrawnMurder

    This would be an amazing truck except the steering column doesn’t move, so the steering wheel is always in the way of the gauges and I can’t see them. It’s ok if you use the advisor so you know your speed and fuel, but for realism it’s pretty undrivable.

    1. WiredrawnMurder

      Disregard. I’m an ##### and had the old “realistic physics mod” still installed -_-

  16. Kenworth T800 2016 Edit v 2.0
    even a new profile crashed my game
    please help

  17. Kenworth T800 2016 Edit v 2.0
    even a new profile crashed my game
    please help


      don’t work on version 1.6.x


    Will you update it for version 1.6.x?

    1. don’t work on version 1.6.x

      Will you update it for version

  19. anderson contreras

    hola amigo, la pregunta es si la kenwort t 800 funciona con la vercion ats 1.30? gracias

  20. Juan Alejandro Giraldo

    para que version de ATS es

  21. awsome

  22. this is great

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