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Kenworth T680 Interior/Exterior Rework v 1.1

Date 2016-09-21 16:10

kenworth-t680-interior-1 kenworth-t680-interior-2

Changed all interior textures to improve similarity to real life truck (used high-res textures) – plastic, wood, fabric, leather parts, floor mat, interior lamps, Kenworth logo on wheel and radio;
Improved dashboard: updated colors of gauges, changed backlight of symbols to uneven; all icons, symbols and dials are brighter now;
Dashboard computer window color changed to more real (green);
Added small windshield tint and added reflections to driver/passenger doors windows;
Updated outside truck textures: headlights, blinkers, marker lights, tail lights, work lights;
Also, improved all chrome parts, Kenworth logotypes, grill, enigne texture, fuel tank, door handles, reworked all four types of mudflaps, chassis texture and suspension textures;
Added four new modes for windshield wipers. Now they acts like in real life.

Changelog for ver. 1.1:
-Mod adapted for ATS version 1.4;
-Fixed inability to change steering wheel position;
-Improved chrome details look.

All my mods are free to download and will be distributed this way in the future too. Hovewer, If you appreciate what i`m doing and want to support my work, you can transfer any amount of money, using PayPal on this email: [email protected]
All donations are voluntarily! Every donation counts! Thank you!

Attention!!! Mod is for SCS Kenworth W900 only! Tested on 1.4.x of ATS!

Authors: AlexeyP, SCS Software


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6 Responses to Kenworth T680 Interior/Exterior Rework v 1.1

  1. Falkon

    wrong link … it’s W900 inside ;)

  2. vladic302

    Alex, can I get the version with the default mode of operation of the wipers, and then 6 modes switch no desire, went with the previous version – but because of the 6 modes deleted that mod, 2 mode familiar))

  3. Sib3rius

    You posted the wrong link. :(

  4. Mike

    correct link can be found in the authors original thread in ATSsection at SCS forum

  5. Jared

    To save everyone else time, here is the correct link for the KW T680

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