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5 thoughts on “Kenworth T680 Dashboard [2019-06-13]

  1. PitbullTasja

    Thx Piva for updating my favorite dashboard mod

  2. It is really nice! I like it. I would just make sure the signals work (because they currently do not) along with the parking brake light not to light up the Kenworth wording in the dash. I think its a bit overdone. You could make it smaller and put it in the corner but well enough to see (even with the light in the background)

  3. I agree with Riay388 that the turn signals should show up on the display. Also, a light on the dash that the headlights are turned on if possible. For me, the field of view gets messed up – when I go to F4 and try to move the drivers seat back I can move it back……wayyyyyy too much and this messes with the external cam as well. Other than those issues, I love this mod – makes driving the T680 fun.

  4. @TheRedOx I also like the compass built in – that is also awesome! But yeah, the downfall is the turn signals still for me. @Piva, also, maybe put this on the Workshop?

    Awesome job though overall!

  5. Thank you for updating, excellent mod.

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