3 thoughts on “Kenworth t680 custom ats 1.40

  1. Really nicely done model with some great paintjobs i got the ETS2 version as well as the ATS version the only thing i would like to see added is a place for a pair of air horns on the roof (Like REAL TRUCKS HAVE!) PLEASE!!!!

  2. Having said that comment about the air horns I’ve had trouble finding a real photo of a T680 with horns! These ###### sloping roofs leave little places for them. But it still needs a Air horn option so you can blast it at the ###### A.I. traffic that gets in the way. (Like all the roundabout traffic in the new Spain map!) in ETS2. But still a great model very well rendered in the way it looks! Thanks Again

  3. Diehard Trucker

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