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Kenworth T660

Date 2017-05-20 08:54

Fully standalone.
Many tuning parts adapted

_More (dlc_heavy_cargo).



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12 Responses to Kenworth T660

  1. Alex

    Pls re-uploud from this sh…t site

  2. juan solis

    does it have scs engine sounds or custom engine

  3. joesmote0311

    Custom engine sounds @juan I made a video for it available at https://youtu.be/kQfdzYnTmYk

  4. Borokleer

    Does the DLC work with other trucks?

  5. Dab Ent.

    Cant connect the trailers. :{

  6. Jay

    Watched the video… Everything looks great, except for the digital clock. Does it always display 12:38? If so, I would replace that with another static texture. As is it breaks the immersion pretty bad.

  7. Arc Angel

    DLC doesn’t work at all since ATS doesn’t support heavy haul at this time, and the DLC that was included was taken from the ETS2 Heavy Haul DLC.

  8. Genooyd

    And this dlc_heavy_cargo is possibly blocking the new ATS dlc_heavy_cargo

  9. Savion

    can u put this mod on steam workshop

  10. Mike

    No sound. Any common reason why?

  11. person

    why does the truck fly all over the place?!

  12. camilo

    no se ve el interior

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