Kenworth T600


Amv.Thomas for buying and Josh Farley for being the amazing man to fix these. :D

Josh Farley, Amv.Thomas


11 thoughts on “Kenworth T600

  1. AmericanTrucker

    HI I wanted to tell you that this is now my favorite truck in all of ats everything about it is amazing thank you so much for making this truck amazing from now on this will be my ride!

  2. kaotik_inc

    This truck disables the addons of other trucks. Roof lights, etc disappear. It also causes the chrome on EVERY other truck to turn a weird blue shade….
    This is a fix? For what? The originals still work perfect on current versions of the game, so A: this “fix” wasn’t needed, & B: it didn’t “fix” anything…. Made it worse, in fact.
    Love the truck, but this version needs alot of help. Download the original mods & save yourself the disappointment.

  3. Well since this fixes the floating cab light problem it is a update. I am so sorry you are disappointed. Anyway, screw these Russian’s and this is what they get for stealing people’s money. Everyone download and SHARE!!!!!


  5. the Jake brak doesnt work on the Kenworth T600

  6. I wish we can run the exhaust underneath.

  7. MaztherCyN1001

    Why i don´t make paint job? only take the color

    1. roadkill404

      Because theres no paintjob folder in the scs file, and none of the current t600 templates do anything, even when installed with ets2edit..

  8. Orlie 507

    Para Que Version Es?? For which version is

  9. roadkill404

    so, AMV thomas, when can we expect a template so we can make paints??

  10. Can+I+get+the+truck+at+any+Kenworth+dealer?

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