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Kenworth T2000 ATS Sn4k3r Edit

Date 2017-04-04 15:39

– Adaptation ATS.
– Standalone model.
– 6×4 chassis.
– 1 cabin.
– 2 Differents sideskirts.
– 5 Differents Cummins engine.
– 4 Differents transmissions.
– Various accessories.
– Own sound and own interior.
– You buy in dealer kenworth.
– Def updated.

Sn4k3r, DB3, Panther (Original Model), Kriechbaum (sounds), mjtemdark edition.


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10 Responses to Kenworth T2000 ATS Sn4k3r Edit

  1. Ralloh

    So I download this mod, unpack the rar and find it’s an scs file that is dated 2/25/16. And, there is a text file with the same date with a not too flattering description of it. Has this been updated or is it just a repost of an ancient mod from February of last year?

    • RSG

      Your right dude I’ve checked on other sites it’s the same Truck as 2/25/16!! It’s just been updated (I guess) to run on ATS 1.6, But a lot of old Truck mods run on 1.6 so maybe not a damn thing, lol !

  2. Dan

    Cabin bobbling,awful looking interior,truck is extremely shiny and low-poly,outdated sounds,no trailer coupling,almost no customization
    Not worth playing with

  3. hzhrm6

    @CyrusTheVirus can you update this mod??thanks!

  4. Ralloh

    You have got to be kidding me. What is with some of you people who put this crap up for download without really testing. I went ahead and activated it and found that it, for some weird reason, adds multi-colored lights all over the front of every vehicle, both cars and trucks, at night. Obviously I deactivated it and deleted it as trash. Everything is back to normal now.

  5. Crazyjonathan48

    Man what is it with the community being picky bitches. fuck if you don’t like it learn to mod yourself.

    • Ralloh

      Picky bitches? For pointing out that a mod is a piece of crap and should not have been uploaded until it was thoroughly tested? If you want to use this mod that makes every vehicles front end look like a christmas tree at night, knock your socks off.

    • Sid Snot

      So now we know why you call yourself crazyJonathan……..hahahahaha

  6. Sharemods: Uploaded on.: 2016-02-25 21:01:54 by Sn4k3r :)))))

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