Kenworth K108 (SMRS Re-Work) v1.0

SMRS proudly presents Kenworth-K108 Re-Work for ATS 1.47+
Adapted for patch 1.47.x

Updated/re-worked :
– Openable windows
– Reworked animations
– Fixed steering wheel
– Fixed shadows on cabin
– Reworked sound for 1.47 patch
– Reworked exhaust and fixed smoke angle
– Reworked lightmask for blinkers and orange flares
– Removed RHD (useless in ATS)
– Fixed mirror reflections + look and much more

RTA, Tony AJB, Kriechbaum, TSA, vasja555 & FurryManforme1976; 1.47+ update by SMRS(Bananas)


5 thoughts on “Kenworth K108 (SMRS Re-Work) v1.0

  1. tutomu kimura

    it is stolen mods.

    1. duh y u gere then

      1. Just because a mod is on, doesn’t meant it’s stolen.

    2. Roberto D.

      @tutomu kimura: Why do you even exist?

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