Kenworth 680 Swift Skin


Swift Transportation Skin for Kenworth 680 Truck

More skins available to download all free of charge at my website

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Author: Pauly


6 thoughts on “Kenworth 680 Swift Skin

  1. James Duguid

    Hello buddy i have tried getting in touch with you on Facebook but the link don’t work lol could you please PM me on Facebook please my name is James Duguid.

    Many Thank’s
    James Duguid

  2. This will fit perfectly with how often I crash or cut a corner too short, thanks!

  3. Hey Pauly can you make a CRST skin for the Kenworth T680 please? This skin looks great!

    1. Being released today mate

  4. #### theres gonna be a lot of wrecks with this truck!

  5. Hey Pual i have a request for a skin its a truck company in the area were i live its called Mesilla valley transportation.

    ( Link to the company truck logo)

    Awesome skin keep up the good work!!!

    Thank You
    Angel M

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