K100E Truck and Trailer Add-on Mod V1.3

This is an ADD-ON to Overfloater’s K100E found on the Steam Workshop. You need BOTH the K100E mod AND this mod for it to work. Please do not bother Overfloater with any problems with this mod, it is not his responsibility to support.

This mod should be placed with a HIGHER priority than the K100E. Please watch the YouTube video if you have any questions with how to setup the truck or trailer, ATS limitations make things a bit wonky.

This is inspired by many of the old school hay haulers on the west coast, but it can haul any of the default SCS flatbed cargoes.

• 6×4 28ft aluminum flatbed chassis (only for the standard cab)
• 2 axle 28ft aluminum flatbed pup trailer
• Longer set of mudflaps for the trailer.

• Added front bumper and mudflap nodes so those items are no longer missing after the K100E mod was updated.

Deezle, Overfloater


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One thought on “K100E Truck and Trailer Add-on Mod V1.3

  1. any chance of a longer trailer option?

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