John Deere S690 Real Logos

This is a retexture of the John Deere S690 harvester which replaces the “Dear John H690” decals with the correct “John Deere S690” decals, and replaces the logos.

1. Copy the “JohnDeereS690.scs” file into your American Truck Simulator mod folder.
2. Activate the mod in the ATS mod manager.

Important Info:
1. I am not responsible for any damage that this modification may cause. This mod is provided on an “as-is” basis and was developed and tested for the 1.5.2s version of American Truck Simulator.
2. Please do no re-upload this mod to other sites. This mod is provided as freeware. If you paid for this mod, demand a refund.
3. You may not modify and reupload this mod without permission.

If you would like to support the continued development of this and other (future) mods, please consider making a donation. You can donate via PayPal:
If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please comment below.



4 thoughts on “John Deere S690 Real Logos

  1. John Deere is an registered Trademark and u need permit…calm down buddie
    Donate for reskin……u should better play Marbles ….Dreamer
    Shame u

    1. From “Important Info”: “This mod is provided as freeware.” The donation is completely optional and not required (that’s why its called “donation” and not “payment.”)

      If you really care about registered trademarks then go to the Farming Simulator mod sites, there’s hundreds of John Deere mods there you can go comment on. And unless you are part of John Deere’s legal team (based on your writing, I don’t think you are), you really have no say on it.

      Buddy, you need to calm down.

  2. Awesome finally! have been looking for this real name mod since 1.2 update! thanks Andrei!

  3. Can you do real Logos for all the other machinery?? Thanks

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