Island Map 0.1

Mega Resources is required to run this map.

Changelog (0.1.0)
– Hilo, Hawaii
– Pahoa, Hawaii
– Volcano, Hawaii

Ferry to travel to Hawaii is in Tacoma, WA

Hawaii scaled 1:8

Released Nov 20 2020



8 thoughts on “Island Map 0.1

  1. super ! thanks you very much i would have Hawaï in ATS, happy trucking

  2. Overall not a bad effort! But there is some small problems in the map i ran into at least one no go road section and some company jobs need fixing but a very good start. I hope the map grows and improves!

    1. Duckie (Island Map)

      The invisible wall and bugs are fixed in the upcoming version 0.1.1.

  3. On previous version, when the load was a combo of kenwort or western star trucks, the arrived dammaged the truck because bad position. I hope that had been fixed.

    1. Duckie (Island Map)

      This will be fixed in the upcoming 0.1.1 version.

  4. Richard Rea

    Is it possible to add a ferry terminal to San Francisco or Oakland, CA?

    1. Duckie (Island Map)

      Adding those ferry terminals will conflict with other map mods like Sierra Nevada. Tacoma was the best option as no map has sectors in that region as of now. This means that Island Map is compatible with any map mod. Provided, you use the correct load order and applicable patches.

      1. Hoang Sean

        Can there be an add-on so that we can get those ferries if we don’t have the mods above?

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