Introducing Colorado

SCS introducing Colorado for American Truck Simulator. This DLC is currently in progress. So, now you can see a few screenshots from this awesome map DLC for ATS.

Home to some of the country’s tallest mountains, a wide variety of biomes and an array of unique industries; this map expansion will bring beautiful landscapes and new road networks for drivers to explore and deliver to.

But where did the name Colorado originate from? The origin of the word actually comes from the Spanish language, which means ‘colored red’. This name was chosen for the territory by U.S congress in 1861, which may be the reason why the state received the nickname of ‘Colorful Colorado’. However, many believe it received this nickname because of the magnificent scenery of mountains, rivers and plains you can find across the State.

Colorado is a project that SCS is currently developing at full capacity in parallel with Idaho DLC; of course, our Euro Truck Simulator 2 fans know that there are yet more projects in production! At the moment, our aim is to complete and release Colorado a few months after Idaho, tentatively towards the end of this year. Please note, however, that due to extraordinary circumstances we face during this time, this timeframe may change.

One thought on “Introducing Colorado

  1. crashingbill001

    As long as i’ve known SCS, and this is from the very, very early beginning, it has always been a question of “delay”, exceptional or not, it’s been and will be for (Ets,RIP), Ets 2 and now Ats forever… . So, good luck guys. Regards

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