2 thoughts on “INTERNATIONAL TRANSTAR 4070A ATS 1.46.x

  1. EpsilonEndary

    Any chance to port this to steam workshop?

  2. Patrick Douglas Richmond

    Hey. If you want to add a 1974-1981 model of this truck, that would be great. Only a slight variation was made to the truck which classified it as the 4070B or Transtar II. The wipers were moved to the top, and it had a change in the dashboard instead of the one in the 4070A, there was one that had a triangular shape in the middle which relocated the switch panel thus making almost like a school bus type of switch panel. As ATS version 1:48 approaches, upgrading to the 4070B is pretty easy as all it takes is relocating the wipers from the bottom to the top and rebuilding the dashboard. And if you wish, you can share it on Steam in the ATS workshop.

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