6 thoughts on “International Lonestar traffic activated

  1. gasguzzler

    No working, maybe because I have painted truck traffic from jazzycat.

    1. This mod doesn’t conflict with Jazzycat’s and Trafficmaniac’s mod.
      They add traffic trucks too many to find lonestar traffic.

  2. thats a truck I wass waiting for.
    hope other cabins will follow.

  3. This mod should be called: Find a needle in a haystack. it seems that the only and elusive Lone Star is riding all over America

    1. open the mod and go to: def\vehicle\ai\international_lonestar_at_traffic.sii file
      modify spawn_ratio: 1 into spawn_ratio: 3 and save the mod.
      you should see it more often in traffic ;)

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