International Eagle 9400i ATS 1.37

International eagle 9400i for ats 1.37. Update to ats 1.37 different chassis was added for each cabin.
All accessories have been updated and others have been added.
Animated glasses for 1.37.
For toy accessories you must use the SILS’s mega pack mod, download it, unzip it, go to the folder def / vehicle / truck and rename any folder with the name int.9400 and that’s it.
It also brings engines of the 1.37 are all of the core of the game.
I hope you like any comments [email protected]
I thank you for not re-uploading the mod on other mod download pages.

Camioneros virtuales, Cartruck


6 thoughts on “International Eagle 9400i ATS 1.37

  1. Love+to+see+a+working+9400+again+but+I+have+some+suggestion+

  2. The Swift Boss

    So realist chassis options would be nice and a template
    Also the light panel under the door clips through the tank

  3. hello

  4. yo ya lo probe, y esta genial. me hubiera gustado mas que los spoilers de un costado se extendieran mas hacia atras para cubrir el tanque de gasolina, pero esta muy bueno. muy profesional. felicidades.

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