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International 9800 sound fix v 1.0 (for versions 1.39 & 1.40 beta)

Date 2021-03-10 10:22

This mod is the replacement for the previous International 9800 Sound Mod.

This mod is a sound fix for the International 9800, where you have your own truck mod sounds, converted to Fmod. It brings its engines with their respective sounds and effects from the original mod. Functional only for versions 1.39 and 1.40 beta.

Use the International 9800 truck mod, from odd_fellow, Harven, Lucasi and Pauly; and place the sound mod as follows:

-International 9800 sound fix v x.x

-International 9800 by ood_fellow, Harven, Lucasi & Pauly

If you know how to modify the mod, please do not share it with anyone, otherwise please do not do it to avoid some mistake or crash.
Do not upload the mod to other links, keep the original link (Sharemods). The original files are the property of their respective authors, their server was only responsible for updating them.

Instructions to enable the mod:

Download the file at the original link, use a compression / decompression program such as WinRar or 7Zip, extract the folder and copy or move it to your game Mod folder, open the game and enable it in Mods Manager, in the order described above.

AT NO TIME DO I RESUBMATE MODS FROM OTHER WORKS OUT OF MY AUTHORITY, everything I do, I only update them with FMod. All files are the property of their respective authors. When downloading the file, see that the person is the one who uploaded the mod: eelDavidGT

eelDavidGT(conversion to FMOD),odd_fellow,Harven,Lucasi,Pauly (truck and sounds original mod)


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