7 thoughts on “International 9800

  1. Mad_Driver

    very nice mod but can you do the parts will be avible from the first level becase not any body have a high level in this game and its more easy when the parts of the truck avible from one of the firsts level.

    sorry for my bad english & hello from israel.

  2. i love this model of tha 9800 so much was wondering when i was gonna see this model it just has a few fault where display dashboard doesn’t no jake brake but its a good start hope you update it in the future add beacons,twin exhaust,bumper,viser etc good job keep up tha good work.

  3. Njcontainer

    Looks more like a IH 9670 COE

  4. Is it possible to make it fot ETS2 1.27.2??

  5. This download link downloaded everything but the truck! All kinds of Junk software that I had to go in and uninstall, not cool!!!

  6. F.Krueger

    Any chance this truck will be update to 1.33x? Oh and by the the way, it’s a 9670 model.

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