International 9400i

fix for 1.35
Buy in mod truck dealer.
– Added trailer cables (Stock and Airline box)
– Added licence plates
– Own ınterior
– Own engines with sounds
– 2 cabin 1 chassis
– 10 transmission
– Added international badge for mod truck dealer
– Fixed wiper work from inside cab (now cleaning rain drops again)
– Litte bit “heavy” on FPS


DOWNLOAD 304 MB [Sharemods]

5 thoughts on “International 9400i

  1. Thank you! The truck works just fine. Only thing missing now is adjustable steering wheel position.

  2. “the truck works just fine”. No it doesnt. Did you even look at the console? oh my. Also, its terribly optimized. Another mod that must be AVOIDED at all costs.

    1. When there are many errors in the console it slows down your game, did you know that wiseass?

  3. TxLonewolf

    The truck was never updated, LOL… the person who uploaded this P.O.S is laughing at everyone who clicks download…

  4. Tried to create a skin for this truck but the driver and passenger doors are a bit wierd. Please fix that. It would be great to see some skins for this truck.

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