International 9300i [1.6.x]

– Standalone
– Find in Kenworth Dealer
– Interior
– Sound
– Tuning
– Tested in 1.5 and 1.6 Game Versions

Panther, guidot, Kreichbaum, KW_Driver


8 thoughts on “International 9300i [1.6.x]

  1. Conflict with W900

  2. peeweelulu

    ce mod crash mon garage kenworth (conflit) ??? dommage j’aime ce camion!!!

  3. I so love this truck and thank you for bringing it to us “BUT” I won’t be downloading the truck until all issues have been corrected.

  4. Can you make a International RH Series with all the wheel options (Including painted white 5 hole (Type on most box trucks)), with all the sleeper options.

    1. Arc Angel

      Falling on deaf ears here.

  5. Please more for ETS2 v1.27.2.3s and 2.4s!

  6. yep,+falling+on+deaf+ears,+because+I+don’t+believe+this+was+released+by+Guidot,+and+I+know+I+had+nothing+to+do+with+it..+AFAIK+we+haven’t+touched+this+truck+since+ATS+was+released,+and+some+asshat+took+our+beta+that+we+distributed+to+some+Facebook+friends+and+uploaded+it+publicly..+So+we+quit+working+on+it…+Guidot+still+does+some+public+modding,+but+I+quit+modding+for+the+general+public+completely,+as+I+got+sick+and+tired+of+lazy+ungrateful+asshats+stealing+my+work+to+make+money+with..

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