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Interior for Western Star 49X 0.1 beta

Date 2020-10-03 09:56

Interior for the default Western Star 49X
The interior is slightly darkened.
Blue button illumination.


DOWNLOAD 5 MB [Mirror]

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6 Responses to Interior for Western Star 49X 0.1 beta

  1. Bro, this mod is just perfect, thank you! :) I love changing the dashboard colour for trucks, I think it lightens up the mood! Is it possible for you, to make more dashboard colour mods for the Western Star? I would be extremely grateful and happy! Best of luck for everything! :D

  2. Tomas Rodriguez

    the mod has texture issues with the dashboard, but if I loved the blue lights detail, hopefully fix the bug

  3. Hey Yuril, I was just wondering if it would be possible for you to make a cabin accessories mod, about Naruto designed pennants, toys, curtains, etc. If yes, could you include other characters aswell, not only Naruto. If no, I’ll understand! I would be really grateful! Have a nice day! :D

  4. For both ETS and ATS

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