Interior/Exterior Reworks MegaPack ver. 2.0

Mod features
-Much better interiors textures and materials;
-All trucks now have two interior types – with manual and with auto transmission;
-Interior with KMH or MPH speedometers;
-Truck stereo systems can be changed. Dynafleet device can removed on Volvo VNL;
-Completely new, better dashboard clusters textures;
-Added missing animations like throttle/brake pedals movement or gear shifter switching;
-Added some different missing interior parts across trucks;
-Some external trucks parts were reworked, some – replaced completely with more quality models;
-Cobra cb radio with animated cord and different front panels;
-New animated drivers models;
-New textures for trucks light systems. New lightmasks for them as well;
-IFTA and CCI stickers for trucks;
-Added many missing shadows for interior parts like steering wheel/wheel column, dash panel, gear shifter sticks, interior visors, windshield wipers (also added shadows for external wipers model);
-Customizable GPS device: GPS map or static menu picture;
-Peoplenet tablet device added for all interiors;
-High quality external interiors, matching their internal analogue;
-New license plates models for all states (see Hints section for additional info);
-Working interior lighting for all trucks (see Hints section for additional info);
-1800 degrees steering wheel rotation animation (see Hints section for additional info);
-Adjustable interior sun visors for all trucks (see Hints section for additional info);
-Support for Cabin accessories DLC for ATS;
-Clean log.

IER mod v.2.0 changelog
-mod adapted to support ATS 1.40;
-added 8x short and long chassis support for Kenworth W900, Peterbilt 389 and Volvo VNL;
-added new automatic gear shifter model for Volvo VNL;
-added ‘no sideskirts’ option for Volvo VNL;
-truck stereos are now tuning parts and can be changed/removed. In Volvo VNL now it is also possible to install/remove Dynafleet device;
-improved hazard light button animation for Volvo VNL;
-redesigned Volvo VNL interiors (new colors);
-cab panels on Kenworth W900 now can be removed from the cab;
-different improvements in textures;
-numerous bug fixes in definition files and 3d models;
-other changes i forgot ;-))

Mod support
You can support further mod development using this Paypal link:

AlexeyP, Slider_556, SCS Software


30 thoughts on “Interior/Exterior Reworks MegaPack ver. 2.0

  1. Best mod!

  2. Driver animated hand not working,how to solve that

    1. You have some conflict between my IER mod and some other mod activated in your profile.

  3. Does this work for rudas 389 or w900?

    1. Nope, this mod is only for vanilla scs trucks.

  4. AlexyP….. does this include the Mack Anthem and Western Star 49?

    1. No. Only both Kens, both Petes and Vnl.

  5. Hello Alexey, thank you for the update!
    it’s interesting that I am in ATS 1.39 (forever) and I use your def version 1.8 (adapted) with the base 1.9 and even tested v2.0 and it works well (I imported 8×4 and 4×2 chassis from 1.40). I returned now to v1.9 and keep chassis from 1.40 on top of your mod with a minor error on the radio locator, until you will have the time and decide to include 4×2 chassis in your mod.
    P.S. I am no longer on the forum, but rarely I go there as a quest to read the news and sound information

    1. Thanks for the info, Cip! It is sad that you left scs forum, mate ;-((

  6. Hi, works great but the cluster white backlight is too high, is there anything I could do to make it smoother?

    1. Do you use ATS version 1.40? Mod has issues with older ATS versions due to the changes in materials…

  7. Just installed this mod, used right order of modes, but… All the lights are so bright (all buttons, dashbaord) and GPS is unreadable. Any help on this? I would liek to use this mod as it looks perfect at all.

    1. Mod is for ATS 1.40. With ATS 1.39 you can have this kind of issues you mentioned, because materials of backlight elements are not backward compatible with older game versions.

      1. That makes sense. Thanks a lot for the explanation. Will wait for 1.40 then, no need to download older version. Thnaks.

  8. NathanLPK

    Best mod, thanks ! Cascadia, Mack,…, will be added to the mod ?

    1. Thanks! Can’t say about new trucks addition to the mod currently. Most likely no, because i don’t have much time for development.

  9. Dominik Günder

    Mhh strange, I’m using this mod in 1.40 with my T680 – But during the daytime the displays are too dark and in the nighttime they are super bright and glowing like the sun directly in the face…

    Bought a new truck – Same issue. Anything i might be doing wrong?

    1. Do you have other mods in your profile? Your problem is strange, because i’ve tested this mod on 1.40 on clean profile and i didn’t have such issues like you.

      1. Dominik Günder


        i just use jazzycats traffic packs and sisls megapack. I gonna try with a clean profile.

        1. Dominik Günder

          It works on a completely new one – So probably some malconfiguration on my end.

  10. Will this work with I hate the SCS updates as they screw up mods to no end.

    1. It works with 1.41 ofc.

  11. My gps does not work how to fix it?

    1. Most likely you just need to visit service station and buy gps – click on white upgrade node in front of gps screen inside truck shop/service station to do this.

  12. How do reduce the speed the steering wheel turns? Also if i turn this mod off, it causes issues with the Pete 579 scs version?

  13. cant get it to work with a gps, tried all configurations possible, new truck, more priority etc and no good, just a yellow screen…such a shame really liked the looks of the shifter and texture on my t680

    1. Never mind it was another mod it was glitching…awesome mod!!!! Thx

  14. Masterchef71

    Hi. Just wondering if it works for 1.43?

  15. Truckercharly

    please update on 1.48 … please

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