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Interior Driver Mod [ANIMATED HANDS] – ATS 1.39,1.40

Date 2021-02-07 10:37

This is my first mod for ATS (American Truck Simulator). It adds hands driving while you enjoy this great game. Only works on original trucks.

Gonçalo Silva


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12 Responses to Interior Driver Mod [ANIMATED HANDS] – ATS 1.39,1.40

  1. peeweelulu

    merci beaucoup pour cet exellent mod sur ats ce que j’esperai depuis celui de ets2 exellent travail merci !!!!!

  2. jura

    Super mod skuste to předelat i na ETS2 dík

  3. Steven

    Very cool. Just tried it and it works well. Would it be possible for clothing material options for the shirt? Thanks :)

  4. CGrimes

    Thumbs up! Great mod!

  5. Marzena

    The link is not working

  6. The mod doesn’t seem to have been updated for 1.40 yet. You can get information about the update from the official download address or the description of the youtube video below.
    Do not forget to subscribe to the mod author’s channel for up-to-date information.


    Resmi indirme linki / Official download link

  7. Jaro.37

    The Westernstar 49x truck needs an update to patch 1.40.Hands issue due to the addition of new cabins

  8. BFNick

    You state in your video that it’s a free mod, than why do you ask money and what do you want my e-mail adress for?

  9. brad

    link does not work

  10. Steven

    I can confirm that this version is not completely compatible with ATS 1.40. I determined after a mod elimination process. When using my default ATS Kenworth w900. This mod will make my dash instruments icons into red squares, such as turn signals, etc. However, using this mod in my default ATS Mack truck does not cause any issues. So it may be a case-by-case problem based on which truck you are using. Really hope this mod gets updated.

    I was thinking today SCS should just implement character creation in ATS.

  11. Aleksije

    can you upload it again for 1.40 and for 1.39, old file has expired

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