Improved Trains v3.10 BUNDLE (all addons included) ATS 1.44-1.45 !PAID!

This Mod adding a More realistic American Trains With Realistic Sounds.
based by PIVA Train Mod and Sounds by Cipinho, Drive Safely and TruckerKid.
+ my Exclusive content.

Add classic diesel and steam engines, railcars and cabooses for sightseeing trains
For locomotives and rail cars add skins with names of his real companies.
Now all freight trains are drived by more locomotives, from 2 to 5 coupled head DMUs and some additional in the mid and(or) the tail of the trains.
The length of trains has been changed, passenger: 3-15 railcars (35 for Autotrains). freight: 15-60 railcars(up to 150 with long addon), depending on the number of sections and type of locomotives.
Added realistic train sounds in new FMOD Sound Bank format.
All passenger trains added a reverse section locomotive.
also increased stopping distance for the all trains and added a miscalculation of their real mass by the game for greater realism of their acceleration dynamics and behavior on descents and ascents. accordingly, for each raft, the power is set as a multiple of the power of all its locomotives (not everywhere).

Changes in 3.10 for ATS (v1.45x):
file structure changed (no old addons are compatible anymore)
Added random skins and axle configurations to auto trailers transported by trains
added locomotive emd-sd60 in Norfolk Southern livery
added locomotive emd-sd60 in Union Pacigic livery
added locomotive emd-sd70ACe in Norfolk Southern livery
added locomotive emd-sd70ACe in Union Pacific livery
the mod is backwards compatible with the game 1.44
load order example: (for 1.44 - 1.45 compatible)
physics, weather and ui mods
real traffic density compatibility addon 1.44.d
real traffic density and ratio by Cip mod 1.44.d
short train addons
LOUD train sounds addon
improved trains mod
sound mods as SFP
real companies and textures packs
traffic packs
trailers and trucks

Please check before activation:
it is recommended to add this line: -mm_max_tmp_buffers_size 1000
to the properties of the game launch in Steam (or in desktop shortcut in the end of the line “object” for nonsteam version) for better memory optimization and preventing game crashes with using alot of mods.
In Game:
For this mod are not recommended increase the settings “g_traffic” higher than value 1.0 or possible bugs and drawdowns FPS


for this BUNDLE are Need archiver as 7z or Winrar for extract scs files into mod folder

Wallets For donations if you want to support author:
WM E066523113525
WM Z182435256071

Enjoy it and Have Fun with Immersion!

3D models: SCS, piva & AlexeyP, POWE®FULL™, toast123, fridge_company, lucien_lilippe, Kim Larsen, #test Sounds by: SCS, Cipinho, Drive Safely, TruckerKid, steam sounds from free sites. FMOD Sound Bank convertation: POWE®FULL™ Skins: SCS, cometcrush, Pedro Martins, Serialblack, ProMods Team, Tem Reforma, PIVA, Eddie Yantz, POWE®FULL™ Compilation: POWE®FULL™ I am very thankful to all the co-authors for all their work!


27 thoughts on “Improved Trains v3.10 BUNDLE (all addons included) ATS 1.44-1.45 !PAID!

  1. Mod are updated to 3.10.1 ATS 1.44-1.45 Please redownload use existing link

    (if you are already a buyer of the previous version, just download the update from the link sent from the store when purchasing)

    Changes in 3.10.1 for ATS (v1.45x):
    Added random skins and container length configurations on container wagons, (auto reskins from real companies packs are supported)
    platform wagons with trailers are separated into a separate train class,
    single-level containers will reappear in mixed and unit trains,
    corrected train configurations, eliminated identified errors,
    the number of configurations of DMU’s has been reduced in order to optimize the code,
    fixed EOTD model sometimes wrapping in reverse, with lights towards the wagon.

  2. – i little fix the BUNDLE 3.10.1, please redownload if you download it early
    – little fixed some settings in files
    – include compatibility addon Real traffic density 1.44.e UPDATE

  3. updated jul 13, please redownload

  4. #ats #americantrucksimulator #improvedtrains #trucksimulator #trainsmod

    Improved trains mod Updated to 3.10.2 ( only for 1.45 open beta)

    (Bundle also included v3.10.1 for 1.44)

  5. Both versions of Improved trains mod for ATS 1.44 and 1.45 was updated In BUNDLE today to v3.10.2!

  6. I think that i will stay with previous version. I’m not intend pay for every update of your mod.

    1. One time pay, up to 9 free updates. do not need pay for every update, just save your private download link and check updates.
      you decide how often to download updates, whenever a new content is added, or only when compatibility problems with the game start with the old version, all version update announcements will be on my facebook page. (linking to third party site is prohibited)

    2. What not clear in this message ABOVE HERE!!! (if you are already a buyer of the previous version, just download the update from the link sent from the store when purchasing)

    3. in this case you will have to stay in 1.44 because the free version is not compatible with the future 1.45 update due to changes in AI traffic scripts by the developers. (tested in beta testing)

  7. BUNDLE are updated for Released ATS v1.45 and added Conpatibility addon with Real traffic density by Cip 1.45.a

    (if you are a buyer of the previous version, then you just need to re-download the Updated BUNDLE from your old link that you received by email from the online store upon purchase)

  8. can’t buy it because paypal won’t let me so going to have to stick with previous version

    1. you can pay with any bank card, even if it is not yet tied to paypal

  9. ok now it decided it can, sorry just paypal being weird


    Changes in 3.10.4 for ATS (v1.45x):
    replacement of obsolete models of trains
    to support updated lighting shaders from SCS
    replacing model file paths with new folders from SCS
    added new SD70ACe locomotives in Canadian Pacific livery for Canada maps
    (will occasionally appear in Washington and Montana states)

  11. paypal says i paid for this but i dont know how to down load it

    1. check your email binded with patpal

    2. I see that every one of my customers over the past week has used at least one download attempt. if your paypal payment went through a direct transfer to my account bypassing the store, write to me via paypal chat (this is available in the paypal mobile app)

  12. Changes in 3.10.6 for ATS (v1.45x):
    Returned some high-resolution textures to the mod.
    Fixed many textures not previously affected by the mod.
    Added random serial numbers to new Coal Cars.
    Added support for Alaska. (not Alaska Railroad livery)

  13. If you bought the previous versions, you don’t need to pay again. just use your previous link from “thank you email” for download update

  14. Dear friends, I ask those who have been using my mod Improved trains for ATS a long time, as far as possible, please leave a review about your use of the Improved trains mod for ATS on the facebook page of the mod (do not forget to indicate how long ago you started using the Improved trains for ATS in the game)

    and yes, i already silent update Improved trains Ats Bundle on store to v3.10.7

  15. #### PayPal asking me for photo ID and stuff when it’s only a small amount. Wish I could get this mod another way tbh.

    1. Another way to get my mod, contact me on steam through my profile. and give me any DLC from ATS that I don’t have. after that I will send you your personal link where you will download the mod with subsequent updates up to 9 times

      my STEAM :

  16. I have no idea what is going on because the payment has been made yet PayPal is asking me for personal details like ID and a photo ID when I already give name and address. So I just need to know if you have the payment or not

    1. your unsuccessful payment from “Nov 30” was not received by me and is displayed in the system as requiring your confirmation, you can apply for a refund of this money to your account, please contact PayPal support specialists. because the Nov 30 purchase was not made

  17. It asking me for proof of ID when it only a small amount and after the payment has been made so I don’t understand.

    1. I received two of your payments, and sent you your download links in a personal email. two links, your total downloads are doubled. with the next updates, you do not need to buy a mod. just use the links provided to you

  18. your unsuccessful payment from “Nov 30” was not received by me and is displayed in the system as requiring your confirmation, you can apply for a refund of this money to your account, please contact PayPal support specialists. because the Nov 30 purchase was not made

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