Improved Trains short trains addon v3.8 for ATS 1.41x

Addon For MOD:

Version 3.8 for ATS 1.41x.
add all new freight trains, reduced Autotrains to 20 railcars

Created for players whose for some reason are not satisfied with too long trains or too much FPS drawdown on railway crossings.

Greatly Reduced all freight trains in Improved Trains mod longer than 30 railcars.

Do not use without “Improved trains v3.8 or with older versions

Please place this Addon directly above the Main mod

Enjoy it and Have Fun!


DOWNLOAD 56 KB [Mirror]

4 thoughts on “Improved Trains short trains addon v3.8 for ATS 1.41x

  1. Etny Tookay

    This option fixed my problem. Thank you. These trains are much better than SCS trains.

    1. I’m glad to hear it’s has been helped!

  2. POWE®FULL™ is POWE®FULL™, thanks man.



    Is incompatible at the moment in 1.44
    Just documenting for others.

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