Improved Drivers v 1.0

Date 2018-07-14 09:23

-This mod replaces both default men and women driver models in ATS on more quality ones;
-Baked textures and optimized models geometry;
-Clean log.

Polycount: 30-40k per model
Driver models are not animated! It`s not a bug.
Mod was tested on ATS 1.31, should work on previous versions!
Compatibility with truck mods wasn`t tested, but highly possible.

Please, do not reupload this mod! It is prohibited to use any parts of this mod without permission and for commercial purposes!

AlexeyP, SCS Software


4 Responses to Improved Drivers v 1.0

  1. PROMO:

  2. Gilbert Straight

    Did not work at all

  3. Works great. Thanks. And despite the higher poly counts, this did not affect FPS at all. Still locked in at a solid 60 :)

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