Improved Drivers v 1.0

-This mod replaces both default men and women driver models in ATS on more quality ones;
-Baked textures and optimized models geometry;
-Clean log.

Polycount: 30-40k per model
Driver models are not animated! It`s not a bug.
Mod was tested on ATS 1.31, should work on previous versions!
Compatibility with truck mods wasn`t tested, but highly possible.

Please, do not reupload this mod! It is prohibited to use any parts of this mod without permission and for commercial purposes!

AlexeyP, SCS Software


6 thoughts on “Improved Drivers v 1.0

  1. PROMO:

  2. Very Good

  3. Gilbert Straight

    Did not work at all

  4. Works great. Thanks. And despite the higher poly counts, this did not affect FPS at all. Still locked in at a solid 60 :)

  5. They have no movement when turning the steering wheel

    1. Uh … yeah … that was explained in the description: “Driver models are not animated! It`s not a bug.” It is because these are higher poly models, to add animations would bring slower computers way down on FPS. So the author gave a choice, nice high poly drivers or stick to the low poly defaults.

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