“I Support Single Moms” Mudflap Pack v 1.6


This pack contains various “I Support Single Moms” mud flaps for entertainment purposes which will allow you to customize your truck in a more traditional way. The intentions of this mod are purely to amuse everyone with truck flaps you normally wouldn’t see in the stock game!

Tested Compatible Game Version(s):

Version 1.6 – 19/04/16:
* Rewrite Mod Manager description to make it clearer and more informative
* Restructure entire mod filesystem and configuration to match my newer mods
* Add a normalmap to Matt Chrome and Limited Edition flaps for a better 3D effect
* Reduce shadow of all flaps for VNL670/T680/579 to fix a strange shadowing issue
* Fix overly bright Matt Chrome & Limited Edition flaps on Kenworth T680
* Include a new base texture & normalmap for “Misty” Chrome flaps

Author: BlackBloodRum


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