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Hummer Trailer

Date 2016-09-08 19:47

hummer-3 hummer-2 hummer-1

Trailer with Hummer Cars

* Dont reupload !!!
* Thanks Micha-BF3

Author: SeckiN_10


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6 Responses to Hummer Trailer

  1. Trucker Berry

    Its a good mod! Not all axles work though! Ive seen hummers being carried by Semi’s but Im pretty sure they dont need a Big Oversized Load trailer. Thats a trailer for like Pipes, Water Towers, Crane Parts.
    But other than that great mod.

  2. Hi, nice looking trailer but did not get a chance to drive it cause it breaks the economy big time, if you fix your job market values then this would be a good mod I think.

  3. 6 axles for 6 tons :s

  4. Horror_LP

    Looks pretty nice. I love this mod, but the trailer is just too big for getting around small curves on the Coast 2 Coast Map. And it would be cool, if you just make a smaller trailer for those two Hummers. And @Dr_jaymz Yes. 6 axles for 6 tons ^^

  5. GMC

    it’s just 1 ton !!

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